Sexism, feminism, and humanism

In Japan, recently a journalist Mr. Tsuda Daisuke and his followers are doing sexism movement to male aritsts, and art officials. They overuse feminism to discriminate weak position male artists, the mob of his followers libel as if almost all artists are sexist.
  He curates Aichi triennale, the exhibition's concept is 'gender free'. And the gender term means 1:1 male:female artists invitation, simply. You know, this is he and his followers don't understand difference sex and gender.
  I checked his twitter and his followers (very many, about over 1.56 million people.). And I reviewed the exhibition concept to his twitter. But he angered. Why? He hasn't almost art criticism knowledge. Just they want to bring extreme feminism, to discriminate male artists. You can know the childishness on the turned over discrimination concept. At least I have some close friends on art, they are gentle, and having big respect all sexes. Of course.
  Why Mr.Tsuda's followers can't distinguish among sex and gender? Because they haven't the type of intelligence. I fear that his followers have influence among other Japanese, they are very amateur, or outside of art intelligence, ordinary people. You know also about Manga, Anime, these are the low intelligent Japanese art. They're familiar with subcultures but never know about high-art. As a matter of fact, Mr.Tsuda's friend (perhaps, at least intimate), Mr. Hiroki Azuma is Otaku critic. It means Hiroki hasn't good understanding on fine art cultures. I named his group as Azuma school, and their ideology is subculture centrism from Tokyo. Maybe Mr. Tsuda is also a part of Azuma school, more or less. So he misleads the extreme feminism exhibition to misunderstand ordinary people, that fine artists are all sexist. This is a pattern of post truth of journalism. He brings it to art exhibition's commercialism too.
  I wrote some reviews (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc) to the exhibition concept, and pointed out 'blind follow-up (superficial imitation) to US and EU' is a typical ill of modern Japan. In art too. This is a new pattern of the part of mimicry. Because they haven't even understand between sex and gender.
  The exhibition's name 'Aichi' is also a name of prefecture (country, state part). And Aichi pref. has Toyota motor corporation. The exhibition be opened by Aichi pref. the back sponsor is Toyota, through tax. Abe prime ministry cabinet's benefit overuses to abuse us on there.
  I wrote also an essay about my close long friend from high school. We were young student of art, our dreams were art practice, but Japanese art university entrance exam couldn't permit it. We have tried many things to continue art expression. He and I have strong respect women.
  Why the art exhibition by Mr. Tsuda, discriminates us? This is a reason writing this text on English. I read a tweet by a his follower, that, 'I feel very sick his radical criticism about Aichi triennale' Mr. Tsuda replied 'Let's block! :)'
  I need to tell the truth of art.

  In Japan, male's suicide rate is 2.4 times over female's it (Police statistics, 2017). Japanese suicide rate is most high in major developed countries (World Health Statistics 2017). And Japanese male's happiness is most low from Japanese female's it in the world (World Values Survey HP 2014.5.3).
  At end, Japanese man is very weak position in real society. But Mr. Tsuda's imitation of US and EU drives to death us more over.
  Furthermore, fine artist hasn't money almost all. Our pieces are not for sale in the essence, just very few people can understand it only. Really, the close friend said me, he had only 30,000 yen (about 270$ only). But he had a child. Also I have only about 300,000 yen (about 2700$). I can appeal my pieces to sell, but all Japanese (except a my lover of autism) do not buy. My capitals made from my lover's voluntary donation for my art activity by her few disability pension. But, more or less this is similar with fine artists.
  Mr.Tsuda says he's outsider of art.
  My patron is my old parents and a very poor autism woman only. My parents will die soon. At first, the lover had tried to suicide in her 18 years old time. Because her family's poverty is very serious, she had to work too hard among her high school days, and the school people bullied her.
  I noticed her abnormal weakness of health. She couldn't even stand up by herself. Because her psychiatrist used very strong medicine to stop her desire of suicide. I found her in an online SNS be called Ameba pigg, I have encouraged her to live (platonic meaning. exist) with me. We have never met (because the SNS's rule is not to meet with users. Plus I haven't brave to do it), but they can say there's a love of typical meaning. Why if the world's only patron is her, the artist can hate the woman? Why Mr. Tsuda and his followers bully me on art?
  Extreme feminism is an art of evil expression of liberal ideology. It can trick as if the personality is good, but other side they bully another minority. This is me and my close friend on this pattern, extreme feminism art forces to die weak position males with hypocrisy.
  I have to protect my life from dark side of extreme feminism art movement. I (and perhaps my close friend too) know an important woman to save us from this bad world, we have strong respect with the humanism itself. Sexism, feminism are both a part of egoistic political scheme.