Vicious cultural mislead on post truth abusement

A bad Japanese user bullied Ariana Grande, so I'm disgusting now.
  I don't like to bully somebody, and more, she was saying learning Japanese. I saw the note she wrote Japanese, its letters were like children of Japan. Briefly, weak position shouldn't be bullied by someone. On twitter, I advised to the first person told as if the letters were wrong Japanese, that the truth was only ambiguity of kanji meaning. The truth was that the words were also right. I cannot change anything this world's bad aim people's hate crime, or bad activity to abuse ignorance above asymmetrical vocabulary.
  On Bible, God distructed Babel tower. For to distract all human's languages.
  Perhaps, this story was made for justification of Judaism authority on the book. But I'm concerning same thing now. Why we cannot get same community on the words? I'm sad, and feel misery that I cannot change all things like bullying of cultural mislead. How I can use this discontent? Also God bullied her. How I can tell the truth to another language user's personality? How I can stop bad actifvity of anti-artist fans? If I was a God, I punished the first person said mislead. Bible said 'Do not punish, it is a role of God' So I cannot do anything.
  Why I was just an artist. I should be a God really. Helplessness, powerlessness, nopotent. But I have to work as if I make the universe. The morality of human beings needs to make more.
  I rethought this problem. I found that may anti-fans had been had a jealousy on an attractive musician. If it was true, I could explain why they bullied her on a point of view as cultural mislead. They didn't need the truth. They abused the post truth on her. There are two meanings in sichi-rin on kanji, 7 rings and a homonym of a grill type.
  But the truth couldn't use for bullying her. They wanted more evil interpretation for their own aim. The first problem was her fans were pop-music fans. They hadn't education enough about the Japanese language etymology, and homonym. Second was their karma by GHQ's simplification of kanji. Other homonym was true kanji, but bad karma to destroy traditional Japanese language by GHQ brought the bullying on her 73 years after WW2. Buddha said the karma will never be vanish. If she had more cultural fans, they would only love the tatoo or at least would help her that she could understand other homonym's etymology.
  If GHQ didn't destroy our kanji usage, more pretty vocabulary would be able to distinguish which of the 7 rings and the grill. Buddha said, 'Don't be intimate with stupid person. Don't be intimate with vulgar person. Just be intimate with smart person. Just be intimate with virtuous person' (Dhammapada, 78) We artists have to rethink this phrase, on business too.
  I want to say to her, do not forget your learning by stupid disturbance, Ignorance bullies all personalities on earth. Not only you.
  I got wound by this post-truth abusement greatly. I wasn't a fan of the musician especially, but sinister Japanese women hurted not only her also me too. Their aim was to bully an envious somebody by the ignorance.
 I have not to see vicious things so much.