All cultural appropriations are also original

Cultural or not cultural appropriation is a way of arts. See also Picaso's cubism from African sculptures. He said to steal was a good artist. Why some people hate the way of appropriated mixed culture?  Their all cultures came from another cultures necessarily.
  Some parts of our modern Japanese language made from European words which translated to kanji words. Was it a cultural appropriation? This is more or less same all languages. In English, Ratin and Greek, or some French was mixed in old English too.
  At first, we Japanese hadn't original letters in ancient times. We appropriated kanji from China's country Kan. Ji is meaning of letter, so Kan-ji is 'Letter of Kan (an old country of China)'. By the way today why an Amecian cannot appropriate the Kan's letter from Japan?
  Japanese use many English words, and French, German, Spanish or other languages in our culture. Nobody say do not steal other cultural meme.
  American want to keep what's original culture with conservatism. But there is not cultures keeping the contemporary style. It changes. I can say all cultures are mixed more or less, and all are original. Be liberal this morphosis.
  I saw a painting of Jeff Koons which appropriated Geisha. I was amazed it as if he ridiculed some parts of Japanese women, but the expression was free on him. Some people respect, others dis. These are freedom on expression about the cultures. We keep to respect our characters. At same time, cultural interpretation is also free.