Tweets for BBC world news about a teen woman exiled from Saudi Arabia to Canada

I guess, UN helped anti-monarchy indirectly. Maybe Saudi Arabia is becoming in next target for hate of USA. Her life should be helped, but, intervention to Saudi is just an another monarchy of UN government, in USA.
  Human rights might be important. On the other hand, UN's central intervention to all over the governments is also new type of evil. Democracy, majority politics cannot be perfect in the human history. Monarchy may be right sometimes.
  Fabrication of enemy, is a true aim of these biased information for Saudi Arabia? If BBC is not enemy of all human beings, you have to report the another aspect of Saudi Arabian women's happiness in their owned culture.
  Is there ethnocentrism for anti-Islamic belief under these plots by BBC? I feel something artificial smell this agitation. Muslim costume should not use to critic for their governmental human rights point. They can believe anything.
  In teen, we are almost in rebellion ages. But you agitated as if there were almost causes in islamic belief? We read she was a victim of abuses by families, according by her words. And she got out home, this was typical in the human, also same types of life all another cultures?
  Why didn't you defend another beliefs too, not only your traditional, democratic, or symbolic christian theory? Just simply, muslim government is an enemy for BBC world? I felt very bad these discriminations of biased attitudes of yours. At end, I am a buddhist, individually.