About the victims by anti-Islam agitations

The reason why capitalists hate traditional muslim is just an agitation from hebraism under the European-American nations where included Israel. The friction among other cultures is very typical, but capitalists force to hate muslims for getting oils, with Israel politics.
  Religious war is the worst situation. But anti-muslim capitalism devotees do it very easily agitated by US-Israel politics for Middle East domination. Democratization of muslim is just a superficial reason, the reality is only death commerce.
  She is a true victim like a puppet that be controlled by UN. Because old allies of World War II can use her freely for political agitation to hate Islamic countries. There's not only a hypocrisy to mislead religious war, but also cultural discriminations.
  I want to say same (is 'Individual Muslims are the principal victims of both(by a reading way, both of illogical people and Western governments)' by Richard Dawkins tweet) for strict scientism devotees who capitalist in the economics. Anti-Islam agitation for religious war is brought in Asia by death merchant who has been living in far side from Middle East. Just only for money, not for humane way.