About madness of Shinto government on human rights

Japanese Imperial family and their devotees are believing they have religion in the law. I think they are evil, but I cannot change the majority Japanese madness. Their belief called Shinto does discriminations on human rights, deification of Emperor's male blood line is very crazy.
  The belief to Emperor's blood line in Shinto, justifies all bad crimes in the rule. Almost all Japanese can't understand separation of church (Shinto shrine) and state. Japanese Emperor is also a top guru of Shinto, he dictates anything in the isles. We slaves cannot punish him.
  If we criticize something wrong to Emperor, the devotees (almost all Japanese) are bullying the individual. In Japan, good aim resistances against Emperor are called as Enemy of Imperial court (朝敵), just be killed or be intimidated. Why do you call Japan as a developed country?
  Mainly Shinto teaches to believe and obey with Imperial family's male bloodline, with power as the Emperor government, in fanatic.
  Before Meiji era Imperialism(1868-1912) Shinto was mixed with buddhism. Before Asuka era(538-710) there was no Imperial court so there was only native natural worship. After Emperor's ancestor came from China, they brought new idea for Emperor worship, this became today's Shinto.
  There were some theories that where Emperor's ancestor blood lines came. But genetics about Haplogroup O-M176 and O-M122 taught Yayoi people came from around China. Almost same era Imperial family founded the govenment with them. He would be a member of them in the blood lines.
  Japan is peace recently, Shinto devotees who included Abe prime minister brainwash them more tactical softly. Nippon Kaigi(日本会議) or Shinto Association of Spiritual Leadership(神道政治連盟) are the political scheme. They say Emperor sovereignty is much better than democracy.