'Place rate difference' the idea of ecosociology is meant justification process, or the originality of its diversity. A between B at the ecologic selection differs each others.


A Text

Notification on the hill becomes shower of curtainly pop jacks was not deed maked up a shown whom grows upped summary for the fiddle are there name of drawn archimedes cooperation.

Pile context minister

My passed away old memories taled away from its memories. It was a my teen someday, I saw the blank yasumi. His met a sudden experience came here. My mit as a broken distance has got a tie of a happening. These promise never appointed by karma. It was a sincerely delicate exchanges, at least about its notice. These spaceship new docking were a several fortuity one, for. We saw the cloud and the smoke.
 This was the tendency at gold, it perhaps could cook a tamago, freedom.
 So all of picturesque youth were there, but almost never turn at else. It was a lack an obscure sent. Be not where some, same people be gotting, went passed away these sights, of real, or filled? Of pile context minister at a city.



Evil metropolitan
Why are you to come?
For governor like ruins?
Osaka ruins so much?
We could never empathize
To criminal for kinds of Yamato
Why did you invade our scape
You've destroyed all of human rights
Be proud of metropolitan for
Would you say something wrong
This diameter of financials
Present Kansai destructive bad novel
Far western Japanese does spy
Everywhere at the present United Kingdom
Why would you see past ancients
Did they terror at a Meiji day


Social regulation

Capitalism safetiment (retainment of the property) was a class system's egoism for efficiency, at gold gettable acts. This reditimacy justification was the name of mental slave for the world trader's rule of the global hegemony.
 Adam Smith and Yukichi Fukuzawa made those mental slavism, hegemony based thought, of the only ruler powerment. But I saw the criminal hegemony and their transnationalism for the badness self goddism of capital elimination on their libertarianism. (This monoculturalism and each of polyculture was not the safe of racists, because they loved nationalistic monopoly ever than justification. Mainly US, the nations believed freedom for the race, above world war tragedy. But they would never thank their nationalistic situation for the independent from UK. The common sense of destiny said enough this belief for the making new country at the non-kingdom non-pressure culture. Why ought you to understand this monopolyism reactant soil?)
 Our goodness belief says ELIMINATISM AREN'T THE SAFE IDEA FOR THE SOCIETY, but we know the self competition belief for training, themselves are going to trace our faculties hold rate.
 The isles have tastement for the storage of a race, at strategic placement of kapacity. This reason called insularism for the selection their revoluted process. Storageness was got the special form type living today, and this regional aim was renamed morphology on island, at the same of social ecology.
 Why has the social regulation mainly taxes at the native country differed each other? The aim for justification lack rate on the elimination has been differant with it.






Our growth or their childization?
Why you must listen their bad songs?
This irregular music had had the first?
Does the fast change all finders?
This cheap country have to go ever?
Why you've to live these worst worlds?
Why we must get to compete of honor?
This elimination world of guarantee is the safe for habit on ever wont?
Why the human being comes on the earth?
All of world language reach does never know for the God intelligence to Create of world myth?
This idea of Creation got our feeling to note supremacy?
Why we have to get those reason to cooperate with transnational support for the belief?
I thought their idea was a notice of the government official to believe association, at political legitimacy?
God association was not an earth united nations, A.J.Toynbee said would be danger to unite nations because it will resign hegemony of the one nationalism.
This Goddism is going to renew that be renamed our nationalism for ambition world traders.
One God would never be hold the nationality.
I saw bad goddism on the Japanese Yamato or their western nations, to get hegemony by violence for the civil the isles.
Yamato or Kumaso they did a self goddism hegemony activation on the Meiji first at Boshin war or their ancestral hegemony power destruction for unity of Yamato badness kingdom.
You saw the Geishaes at the historic ruin Kyoto the transporter or foreigners why they remain that criminal habitat?
This present the nationalism or nationality are not the thesis itself for the justice.
We know the unhappiness of the nationalism on the historical deception on the world traders merchandise strategic egoism above the world wars.
Why we should not against every nationalities, for renamed memics?
Gene-war for survival perception on reconstruction of living was not the notable remarkment in the individual goods? This idea of goodness was not the resignment of God-like native-born will for unconscious desire?

Story of Heisei

The invader of Yamato nationalists destrusted all of Far East Asian states. They had not to excuse that reason. We had seen their nationalism violent invasion, but they would never talk it. They have excused Judge of Tokyo, because they've defeated at World WarⅡ. Many of human could understand these.



The dark betrayers Western Japanese
They would never know themselves
To kill and invade Asia at themselves
But they never know bad themselves

We think they should die and be exterminated
Why bad criminal invaders were eliminated
Those criminal Japan? I could never see
Those reason for Kansai re-traitors







Yamaguchi, Kagoshima, Kochi and Saga, Hiroshima prefectures, the Kansai districts, why you and Emperors get with betrayal to Japan



Namely mimic J said longed together with sara moon. Documented also red herring, myth. Monochrome monotone rain, rains, vibrated silt abuses your call. Keen keen flew the electronic airplanes, scooter and dotfly joined choke, at signal. However where? Our high mount nothing guaranty, new kids roadside loading random multipoly, was gone metaphysician head or his joined hearts tendency.
 Was that a joke for the education today. Zipped winner or falsehood sin? They got a great escape, but also looked trading guilty at the fault.
'Pop icon may go to heaven or top of the tower. IF SO THAT, WHY YOU ARE KNOWING THEM?' I disagree those ultimate lies. Idolizing must judge at all. This is the last answer for.


Mito KOUMON yori fool na chara ikemen drama wo toru EDO TBS tsuburero.
Korean drama bakari nagashite Asia no diversity wo kowasu capital imperialism TV KYOKU tsubusarero.
Nadeshiko toha NAbakari warship no hakichigae feminism ni kobiru gametsui honor nokkari DANJO no BETSU naki AKUTOKU SEIFU horobiro.


Prediction to the knowledge

If you think as an earth is only one it will be not truth. This earth life knowing things will be same too. The idea presents you that planet language and their word of God would be differant each others with their "mathematics".
 It means the science or those technology are our apt. This apt will be understood as the national philosophical thesis by apt learning.
 We thought this direction would be accepted as past experimental telling. Our ancient and present members can use their comment for cooperation or politics of likelihoods.
 This thought will be remembered as special science on us. Will ever thoughts never get as an universal. Why everywhere the people have differant favors, it be saw their place rate for the selective pressure. The Heumeneutik (In simple English, Interpretics) will be able to pretend this pressure logos on the original apt.


Sugitekita in imagination story so every machine go back down the stores, in the location people said to become same big robot projector for biology, we thank there there, and

Barbarians came so shouted their eight southern ages hegemony.

We should against ever, because they hoped external nomination, for what? Every human never hoped their dark vision by world hegemony, their darkness called as Yamato way, everytime.








Human errors

Was it the mail for what?
We got the miracle rainbow site
Of discourse to geese kinds
We saw the wonder line like snow
We saw the wonders perhaps
Dealing with pitiful members
Of victory national jokes were said
Why then the same men cured
Damage for national products?
They'll never see what gets all of
Junk this Godful invisible hands
If you have taken back to nothing
With minority repairring factory
Was that of many of human errors?







On capitalism

Our sentiment for the biosphere is not the hope only old ideal on pastoral song? This idea for harmonic living be had not false same human of Metropolis, especially district of Kansai or Tokyo. They have stayed here and never have said moral sentiments.

 Perhaps people of far west Japan be same too. We could listen the prime minister Kan Naoto said "powerful community" to a merchant city at the national diet. His value rules depend their money power at all, ever.

 We could see the harmonic community for example Fukushima but today most fastest merchandise cooperation would get new advantage on international community? The "beautiful had been" sights would be vanish on the earth?

 We saw hypocrisy metropolitan natives said to look down on Fukushima their harmonic pastoral days or their ideals, Regardless of it someone said "we see firefly at our summer" hypocrite ambassador. We could never watch her delicate form type everywhere metropolis today, I disagreed his downright lie. The past my child day I captured her in my very small hand and came back to bedroom of kindergarten, but also today we could never catch hers great delicately lighting to our ignorance for economical growth-ship at knowing-less destructed a stream-let.
 Why the Fukushima people be hold their marginal handicap regard of their pastoral harmonic ecology, is not there the same of this metropolitan falsehood feature? Why had they Tokyo metropolitan escaped faster than Fukushima people? Why had the before Fukushima government Eisaku Sato arrested immediately following his safety attention to the ministry of economy and industry(Keizai sangyou-syou).

 I saw these system for the capital economic libertarian destroy and be decayed the pastoral country side. Our the be occurred or be occurring district Tohoku can't never stand up in their too misery situation, but regard of this the coward west Japanese(old ancient days they destroyed northern possessions pastoral area) has wont more minimum-ness for their duties saving and fatal revival issues. Kan the minister has prolonged his National diet argument plus surfeit luxurious everyday every night with his wife Nobuko. This was a strong feeling indignation at Kan cabinet slow-motion pierrot making for unfairness, on the mainly East Japanese people for traditional political dignity.

 The secondary population hold Osaka district's governor went to The first of Tokyo and he said to get across the name for second capital in West of Japan. The Ishihara agreed it perhaps his inferiority complex by his nominal successful earthquake. It has meant divine for his Western Japanese coward-ness above misery calamity.



Those wonder words cultures are here Western bad Japanese customs. Are there many of rainy days calling eliminated processes, above the renewable possessions. We could reach action toward the renaissance from the oldest of restoration badly hegemon war sight. So we will be more accessible species on the earth land. This action called good as soon as sunrise minutes.


This global world
The people said that
We are the cultural ministers
Really? Why we have to get
Same features? I dislike
Western Japanese society
This nominal equivalent world
The Asia or Europe or Africa
The people said their nomination
On summer and night called stars
On winter abbreviation passed away
Other features nothing about for?
This earth was too small plus thin
To recognize our many of difference
The many of world trades
Gone through above our heads
Simple and uncurriculatar person
Would never get same silences
Some members of this
Minimum economical society
Said to be able struggle for
Anglo-Saxon invasion imperialism
We had seen their defeat
And fatal hypocrisy of
False civilization process for
Adam Smith market sales
Those misery World Wide White
Special trades advantage for



Our past days gone out these material world from the oldest passage. What of the thank are from tedy bear? He asks all of misses and the obscure. We maybe to get an authority double fires. This is a longday's heritage who is getting humble. Many of the beings abuse past central young days. Is not a getting desert faction.


‘Seven's children’ by Ujoo Noguchi

Crow why you sing
So she in the mount
Has had pretty
Seven's children
Pretty pretty does she sings ever
Pretty pretty so she sings too
In the mount old nest
If you have gone to
Having round eyes
They are good the child

A mid summer

Is it a show & grove shown sazanami. Vibration waves came some the summers upped. But shown lyrics flied the file be filled. Be familiar from a gopher to the artifact cement QE. Mit a laundry fairly lot of shabon yet a being dawn sizes! Did not a escape sides? The main thesis gone back to lamtern shelfs never goes dawn.

Regional song

Shameful Kansai or West of Japan regional Osaka or Kobe persons had pretended themselves as a Tohoku people.

Calm & coolness was the people of the North Eastern Japanese but the South or Westerns Savage terror Japanese said themselves as international royalty of the Fukushima 50.

The Geisha personal Kyoto women whom be as Geishaes or betrayer terrorists, the traditional misers plus ill-natured shout "we won't get the tsunami suffered pine trees for fuels" because they could not cooperate with the good cultured Tohoku personal: country men.




On K

Did not some members get a kalimba.
Gazer face as a ghost checks dark gray.
Myth has taken grab who gets sanitary TU.
Low low fired grape kits be lacked.
Chemical rap top fixes rifted up on K.
Density false print hood hours been.
Yok mok linen roomy ultimate rooms.
Has been she waited knowing dailies.
Goes back memories will have shown yous!


Gazed plural federal democrats stared.
"We are the lonely dogs. Why you fixed gasper as soon as beastly."
Isn't that tracking joined howling. 'Being some goals about a being, and you should be haw'.
 Some kamomes -- Seagulls will never get, old translation on their being as beauty or beast? Greatest binder rode up the town hill or Mars. Was not a point of koala or crow's purpose? This gauged social zoo never fined at monochrome. And bye-bye swallows.

Story of Meiji (as a modernization farce)

"Give me a set of chopsticks,
Give me a set of chopsticks"
People said.
"Give me a set of chopsticks,
Give me a set of chopsticks,
Are you Korean?
"No! I am a Japanese.
Give me a set of chopsticks,
Give me a set of chopsticks,
Didn't you a Chinese, excuse me.
"Non non no! I am a Japanese!
Give me a set of chopsticks,
Give me a set of chopsticks,
More and more, fast and fast.
Our fashion UNIQLO mode is
Better than you! Come on with me!
We can read a Haruki Murakami
Cooking booking thoughts!
Give me a set of chopsticks,
Give me a set of chopsticks, please,
More rapidly more swiftly please"
Wow speedy supplied... yet, a meal,
Of course was it a 'Toyota' baggage?
End of the picnic


Dame Sony musabori tsutsumo kane wo kuu

Timer naranu Sony package repair yori mo yasuku uru

Consumer ya customer yori Haward o toruya inaya kamo


Nagisa mutation

These many of language studies are there stayed ever landing materials.
All of beast had sat past of sentence this many of language mimicries.
End of process, the people heared machine gotten for the pastoral.
I disagreed their passage because they never knew same thing the sea.
Hear the kamome lagoon & several promontory position! They occured be educated wiser than whose be.
Caught the vibrant nagisa mutation so some reasons past away gone.

Text line

Summer passage be gone out of the nature. We have to see several managed dynamics from a country. Far the isles you could get some occasion at the present tensor. Why this strange activation will get some attractors? We should know these.

Seeking at nationality

The ways at the communication to the other national. Is it not a differant meaning to the other one? The ways of communicative tele-efforts depend their nominal abbreviation with national members. This meaning was a changeable answer on the understandings. If the literal or the aural communication method were not the same of safety ways, to be wisdom are became more difficult. These differance are the misunderstanding theory of the communication or other tell-actions. David Hume said that an confidence is a thoughtful truth ability of the human intelligence. I could agree its meaning, but also I know that this means are bit an only misunderstanding typography.
 Scientific typical theories of ever categorized natural philosophies can be called its a miss for the absolute truth. This idea would be called a theory of typical misunderstanding. So all of languages presented mindful thoughts or that like seminars were called too. Confidential isles on the pacific of ignorance be called the named misunderstanding language sphere. Our thoughtful musicals be called a society, sometimes civilized. But they will never know their talking purpose is a seeking truth on their community. If all of omniscient being be they would not communicate more than the machine's data traffics.


Hito sirazu ware sae yokere no Kyoto bito


An economics

This filing from disaster area
Is forward to the massive economy
That nation does never know cruel
Infection about our the diseconomy
Listen the being voices above
The Yamato all of vicious memories

Tragic capital rain

The tragedy of capital imperialism is that act only egoism most of capitulation. Extravagant capital should be a beast breaker for that criminal slogan. Why we should follow them? At humanity be willing to against for their not liberal reality?

 Service manage the egoistic imperialism, this invasion isn't today colonialism? I be reminded of Man syuu koku the colonial ambition for the Meiji new governmental mainly Western Japanese on their capital.
 Same people be living in their West of Japan. And the smoulders have their Meiji wide capitalistic ambition restored like, at present day. But I saw that the Imperialism would be a theory of defeat. The colonial reaction may retreat them by Son nou jou i (against barbarous invaders at the kingdom defense of the loyalty) motion.

 I thank our past eraes many experiences but also, old of Japan from Western Japanese they should never know our morals for the Bushido effect. The ideal on the country be to the diversity, about their national selection.
 We can hope the Hiraizumi cultural heritage from the Heian era, and more, the university of Mito named Kou dou kan (it means 'designed for the way of loyalty propagation residence') from the Edo era, shows the only one glorious Bushido soul maybe to remember their Samurai honorable visionary architectural direction. We can not see the Sendai castle today, but able to watch the vision a Daimyou of Date Masamune for the prosperity.
 Past 150years very capitalized effect from Meiji coup have not that dignity about the Japanese culture, at a misery, only the visionary direction give it. Especially Kyoto station or Nagoya station get understanding you that the specialty is not a gorgeous. Their West end betray culture at the Meiji era could not make renewal restoration rather than accomplishment the East of old tradition. We would see strange Teikan yousiki (a style of Meiji betrayers mimicry of the wide Europe) at the Man syuu koku remains.





A B C what's because words puzzled
We sang a language for the getting record
We go to get word experiences from the mutton
Why we have to get some smart icons?
Word puzzled ancestor filing requested
Your diversity of sciences have gotten old of mimicry
Whose listed mimicry records for the puzzling






Criminal Kansai devils

We can't get with every members to ideal friendship. So we knows suki kirai, it means taste of individuals.

I thought in the past, the Japanese is one, or same of ideal friendship mean. But I saw Haruki Murakami crimes narisumashi (similar decorated named crime) to you from envy. This is the worst of experience for me.
I will never trust to every other man from Kansai region that humane be. They never be entrusted me, for that the worst act. I couldn't see that criminal in our days.


Furusato wo usinawaresi hito e furu kokoronaki Saitama no semi wa mazusiki
Yamasemi mo hanashi suru ma ni arau amaashi

Cultural lemon merchants are criminal as if

Some of international merchant like Asian for example Western Japaneses Haruki Murakami, or Tokyo's Takashi Murakami, too loves bad or vice interpretation for the foreigners. Their lust, idols, idiot characters are where on the earth?
 But these aren't good relief at each of East Asia and every foreign countries. The misunderstanding is their minority merchant dice by transport swindler.

 Meng Zi said transport exploits are the first of taxes origin.
 We saw cultural lemon market swindlers. However they would never stay at trust. At Japan or every foreign too. We can't say similarity for ever purpose and belong not discourse.

 The culture man or artisan never get nationality citation, but also to enable honesty for the transnational quotation. For example Doctor Hideyo Noguchi said old of Fukushima nation to believe that honesty is the best policy, on the filial piety homecoming day for his old mother.
 Is not the same abuse who gets a originality about a cultivation? This thesis is meaning a nation will never be to simple answer on the understanding bias. And the individual be going to originate himself above the multicultural complex. It have had remembering to trans-nationality.

Sense of good at reasoning

Why many of humane does bad acts?
To say those simplest, they never know virtue for the self safe.

For about zip by imhumane or animals, makes a learning of living way to survive. What for? Making kinds are there humane escape of mankind, be not?

So manufacture wrapping by the man is a decoration above their nominal.
End of the thought, to use a language to nominate is economical saving who shows campaign sale at the traditional cultural memics (meme-nology).
This permixes are cure good acts from natural curriculator's members.

To save each act is rare regulation at natural philosophy. To make long periods or terms by same members are that need points.
So you saw that to do bad is a thoughtless, no-thanks act. This is a truth of 'good membership' reason on trans-civilizational process.

Ministry regime & countries responsibility

Why this country's ministries must not get duty? This responsibility divided interested party to the national Diet. Between official member and civil be divided entrust at their duties. So these regime isn't good for country motion.

If national diet members were that regional representation why they didn't to save natural Japanese for the familiar?
This reason depends all of the propotinal representation regime. Some one regional few appointed ministries have got more rigional wealth to exclose every all of states.
I saw North East regional earthquake couldn't wake up their enough endeavor for relief that most awful disaster. The Yamaguchi prefecture's build upped Kan primeminister egoism couldn't get voluntary selflessness.


A score

Music for interpret.
Laughing or sheeking are waiting,
Sheltering sky knows whose be musabori.
They meant power was a wrong for cheek, picked answer.
So using words all of mimicry called kujira.
They shouted the safe will be in the music.

End of the Music.

Different reasoning

What is the language are here communication method? Most of simple answer is to use a first language is a customizing by frequent thought. To use communication method of a language is a safe? At least it may be uncertain.
 Human being knows that mostly simplized word isn't safe or reasonable. See to get a thought depends some language, and that's utility customs.
 So to use a minimumized language or these sameful customs are dangerous. Thus community type thought depends all of differances. This character or understanding at same community is making some different means. Those habits effect in differs above the field & their places.

Communication error

Why we ought to get some thought? To do is not good? So many of our writing method are the some communucation for? I was born in the far east of modern civilzation so why that for living there. All of the human being & their opinion here, not to be tolerable by listening. I dislike Kyoto or Yamato Emperor's degenerated culture or so stories. But you are that a far east human.







Yamato religion much strain

The nation of Yamato (Kanji named Wa) had customs polytheism are the same old of few East Asians. Idols be had not to their opposition.

 They have an evil end of staring, so strained immoral be there mainly West of Japan, especially Kansai Western region, or Yamato Emperor traditional his majesties places.





What's the Story telling judgement

In Yamato national people, at Japan ancestoral nation's one has a their story telling journalism. Perhaps these originated in Edo era or Heian era their national story telling customs. For example, the Kinki region, at Kyoto city's female writer Shikibu Murasaki made a story of Genji(Genji monogatari), and Kamakura city's minstrel Biwa-hooshi did a story of Heike(Heike monogatari). These were the simplizing custom for some subjective interpretations of the event. So you can see those national events be interpreted for the simplest story. Because the people of mainly yamato nations favors to listen it, like a child.

 On todays too, people above the Japan's capital Tokyo does to explain some affairs at story telling on the subjective interpretation. Kisha club(the major capital cartel of jounalists club) associates for this purpose to make up new easily subjects on the society. So our minds could see the wonders in Japanese social major news, for instance, an entrepreneur Horiemon(Takafumi Horie) punishment play for the upstarts understare trapping. Or so, Mr. Eisaku Satou the formerly governor of the Fukushima prefecture be falsely accused, by critics for the security check of Japanese main government authorities--to Economic and industry administry(Keizai Sangyou syou) or Security servant of nuclear powers(Genshi ryoku Anzen Hoan in).


人類が生み出すどの文化も固有の負い目によっている。 倭の王は中国への対抗を旨に独自の建国を定義したがった。列島の周辺民族を侵略し、つくりごとの神話を胤に騙してその領土から税を奉納させる為の偽造物語を流布した。これらの為に倭にうからたる正統さがある訳ではない。単に中国へ遣った舟が先に届いた。そして文字を使いその中華視を小型の中国として列島で初めたのみ。